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FANCHER AND COMPANY is a Certified Public Accounting firm in Corpus Christi, Texas, owned by Robert C. Fancher.  Bob Fancher has been a practicing CPA locally for many years and has practiced as Fancher and Company, for the past forty- three years.


The firm has grown steadily from a staff of two persons in 1978 to its present highly experienced TEAM of ten persons, including:

     Staff Members                                            Experience      
   .  3 Certified Public Accountants                  8 to 59 years
   .  3 Graduate BBA - Accountants                12 to 14 years
   .  1 Graduate BS - Computer Science          22 years

      Support Staff
    .  2 Secretarial/Computer Operations         5-12 years
    .  1 Administrative Assistant                       28 years

"Experienced" staff, effective job planning, and job quality controls continue to produce quality service, timely delivery, and consistent client relationships.


The professional staff is seasoned with "Business-Sense" as well as accounting and tax training.  The firm's professionals have developed a strong knowledge and expertise in commercial business organization, operations and planning, including construction, real estate, oil and gas, manufacturing, retail/wholesale and many other business operations and services.

The FANCHER & COMPANY TEAM can be an important source of advice and assistance for the entire owner/manager group.  Our services are not limited to the traditional tax and financial statements, but often include assistance in organizing, planning and monitoring business activity; developing and implementing Information Systems; Forecasting, Budgeting; Profit/Cost Analysis, and Special Accounting Examinations.


The professional staff advances their knowledge each year by receiving a minimum of forty hours formal education, and by self-study and review of many subscriptions and additions to the firm's large library.  The firm continues to remain in the forefront with current professional knowledge and expertise.  The changes in business practices, industry accounting knowledge, and taxation are taking place at a rapid pace.  FANCHER AND COMPANY is committed to maintaining current knowledge and skills to meet these fast changing demands for quality and timely service.

Since the national "Quality Review" programs were begun in 1990, every three years.  FANCHER AND COMPANY requested and received an independent "Quality Review" of its accounting and auditing practice.  The reviewers concluded that the firm had complied with the stringent quality control standards set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) -- the national organization which sets professional standards for CPAs.

A "Quality Review" includes an inspection of administrative practice, interviews of professional personnel, inspection of the quality of technical job procedures; review the quality of job supervision, professional training, and the firm technical library and research tools.

The "Quality Review Committee" extended its congratulations to FANCHER AND COMPANY for receiving an Unqualified Clean Opinions from the reviewers.


The firm has taken active roles in affairs of the Texas State Board of Accountancy, and in professional committees of the local, State and National CPA organizations.


FANCHER AND COMPANY provides a full range of services to the individual and to our Texas Business Community including:

            . Tax Return Preparation                   . Micro Computer Systems-
            . Tax Planning, IRS Problems               Select, Install, Support
            . Financial Statements                       . Consulting-Business Merger,
            . Audit & Forecasts                                 Sale, Purchase, Formation
            . Accounting Systems                        . Personal Financial Assistance-
            . Estate & Retirement Plans                  Plan, Manage, Consult

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